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Opportunities for Communities

Name and Address of Contact Person:

Doug Albertson
Opportunities for Communities, Inc.
260 Lincoln Avenue
Amherst, MA 01002


Doug Albertson, President. The Board of Directors includes the three founders and a treasurer. Rev.
Caroline Meyers serves as an advisor.


Timeframe for Fiscal Year:

October 1 – September 30

Description of Organization:

OfC, a 501(c)(3) Public Educational Charity under 170(b)(1)(A)(ii), provides instruction and
experiential learning opportunities to a community of young people (junior high through college
age) in Western Massachusetts. Students are guided and challenged by qualified and experienced
instructors and financially and technically supported by the community of adult experts and donors.
Sustainable development programs are designed and implemented in carefully selected target
communities ranging from poor domestic to Third World communities.

OfC Students learn about and engage in the planning, execution and management of projects that
provide rudimentary economic development potential within the partner communities. OfC students
have designed and implemented in LaVega, Dominican Republic, a rent-to-own tool program, learning
about the power of micro-lending while enhancing the employability of the loan recipients. Another
project offers vocational training programs for children and young adults in Les Cayes, Haiti.

Mission of Organization:

In 2009, Opportunities for Communities, Inc. (OfC) was founded by Douglas Albertson (Belchertown,
MA Town Planner and former Peace Corps volunteer), David Wintsch (Northampton/Amherst
MA area Young Life Expeditions leader and former high school teacher) and Kenneth Mundt
(Epidemiologist at ENVIRON International Corporation and former University of Massachusetts
professor). The founders, together with Amanda Mundt (Sustainable Development student) and
Timothe Indrik (Haitian minister and sports development leader) realized that today’s young people
not only are eager to assist with service projects for the poor but also can be change agents. The
education and mentoring needed to plan and implement effective sustainable development programs
are not available through typical school and university curricula. In its first year, OfC established
several on-going courses and related programs – mainly in Haiti – that provide students opportunities
to learn about, implement and test a variety of practical sustainable development approaches.

Target Population:
Haiti, Dominican Republic, Guatemala

Primary City/Town Served:
Les Cayes, Haiti; La Vega, Dominican Republic

Annual Budget:

OfC’s annual budget for 2010 was $35,150 .

November 2010