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Grace House

Grace House is a program run out the Mental Health/Addiction initiative of parent organization, Center for Human
Development. The Center for Human Development is a long-established, reputable, and registered non-profit organization
whose main office is located at 332 Birnie Avenue, Springfield, MA 01107.

Name and Address of Contact Person:

Rose Evans, Program Director
Grace House
143 West Street
Northampton, MA 01060
(413) 586-8213


James Goodwin, President/CEO, Center for Human Development


Timeframe for Fiscal Year:

July 1 – June 30

Description of Organization:

The Center for Human Development provides a broad range of high quality, community-oriented human services. The
family recovery program at Grace House is a six-to-nine residential treatment program for women who are recovering from
a substance addiction while reuniting with their young children. Grace House is a licensed recovery program providing
intensive intervention, clinical support, life skills development, child care, and case management services. Grace House is
one of just half-dozen programs like it in the state.

Mission of Organization:

By participating in intense and highly structured programs, it is hoped that the women who enter Grace House will
keep their recovery on track, avoid relapse, and build or repair frayed bonds with their children. Life skills are taught
as residents are expected to care for their own children, share babysitting responsibilities, and participate in housework,
grocery shopping, and meal preparation. Also, all residents are expected to be working on a GED or other educational
program, volunteering in the community, or working part-time.

Target Population:

Women who are in recovery from substance addiction and who also have young children.

Number Served Annually:

Currently, there are 14 women residing at Grace House, all of whom are there with their children.

Primary City/Town Served:

Residents are referred through the Dept. of Public Health and can come from any part of the state.

Annual Budget:

The Center for Human Development’s 2010 annual budget is $55 million. Public documents do not reveal what portion of
that amount is devoted to Jessie’s House.

September 2010