Helping Haiti

The MASSACHUSETTS CONFERENCE UCC help directly by supporting the work of UCC staff who work in Port-Au-Prince. Two of them left the office building moments before the earthquake. The building collapsed completely. They stayed to help drag out bodies and tend to the wounded.
OUR CHURCH'S WIDER MISSION help directly by supplying support staff and giving aid to other helpful agencies such as CHURCH WORLD SERVICE (CWS). We also have assembled and sent more than twenty baby kits in response to an urgent plea from CWS. These kits will go to new mothers who may have no other tools with which to care for their babies born since the earthquake.
OPPORTUNITIES FOR COMMUNITIES provide support for youth connections and helping hands. Doug Albertson of South Church is one of the organizers of Opportunities for Communities and of mission trips that involve many other people from South Church. One group flew out of Haiti about two hours before the earthquake. Our own Brennan McKenna will be going to Haiti at the end of May this year and will take musical instruments for a school there. The organization is in touch with Timothe, a UN worker, who used funds sent by South Church and Opportunities for Communities to acquire a truck and some food so he could help refugees from the devastation caused by the earthquake.
HABITAT FOR HUMANITY has people and supplies in Haiti. The are currently assembling simple one-room homes to replace the tents people are trying to live in. Habitat volunteers are also helping to provide purification systems for drinking water. The Pioneer Valley Chapter of Habitat for Humanity has tithed to support Habitat in Haiti since our local chapter's founding.