Appalachia Service Project




1500+ miles round trip to Appalachia!

9 days, up to 14 team members in 2 crews

Making homes warmer, safer, drier:

Transforming lives!

ASP has been serving in Appalachia since 1969.  With summer programs for youth and year-round opportunities for adults, they cover an area of more than 40 counties in Central Appalachia.  They own four permanent Year-Round Centers where thy run Adult Programs during the fall, winter, and spring.  During the summer Youth Program they rent schools and community centers in about 30 communities throughout the region.  Approximately 17,000 volunteers from all over the country participate in ASP each summer.

A group of our youth and their leaders will be part of that volunteer crew this summer!  This is our eighth year with ASP.  In 2009, we took 15 South Church folks to Mingo County, WV. in 2010 we had a group of 11 that went to Dickenson County, VA, and in 2011 there were 20 going to Morgan County, TN.  In 2012, 20 of us traveled to Logan, WV, in 2013 we traveled back to Mingo County, WV with 12 hearty volunteers.  In 2014 we landed in Brenton WV with a crew of 14, and in 2015 we headed to Rainelle WV with a crew of 11!
While at our work sites, we'll be working in homes that may need roofing, plumbing, underpinning, or other building projects.  We will be getting to know the families in each home, making connections and learning about our brothers and sisters in different part of our country.
Raising funds is part of the experience. We make and sell Quiches for Superbowl Sunday in February. We  have two Work Days in May. If you have a project around your house that needs doing... call on the ASP crew! To sign up for a crew to come, contact the church office at 413-253-2977.  A Car Wash  and Pie Sale are held in June.
 You can find out more about ASP at their website:
Your prayers and support for this mission are a great blessing!


  • One in four lives below the poverty level - 105,000 children, 195,000 adults, and 35,000 elderly

  • Poverty is more than double the national average

  • 62,500 homes are substandard

  • 19,000 homes lack adequate kitchens

  • 21,000 homes lack complete plumbing

  • Nearly half of the families have annual household incomes below $20,000

  • The need is so great, we are only able to help one in ten families who apply for help.  The more people who volunteer, the more families we can help.

Photos from ASP 2015 - Rainelle WV:

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